Sunday, March 25, 2012

Flambeau Child Development Day

This Friday, the Flambeau School District is inviting families to visit school for Child Development Day. For those of you who are anticipating sending your first little one off to school in the fall, this is a wonderful introduction. Children will meet Lucy Taylor, the early childhood and four-year-old kindergarten teacher along with other school staff. Children will get a little taste of how school will be in the fall.
This is a good time for parents to access how their child handles a new environment, what their behavior is like, and what skills the teachers are looking for. The things you observe may lead you to slowly shape some additional routines and skills over the summer.
The most helpful behaviors for young children to learn from families before walking through the door on that first day are in the category of personal/social skills. Children who feel secure and confident in their families adapt well to the new school environment. Children who sit at the table with their families, eat nourishing food, and have conversations during meal times will have those skills in place for lunch or snack times at school. Those who have been taught to be respectful and to listen to directions are ready for group activities. Children who have learned basic hygiene of using the toilet, wiping and flushing, and washing their hands will not have to take time to learn these things when they get to school and thus will be ready for their new world of academics.
New parents to the Flambeau District, I hope you have a wonderful time on Friday!

ABC, See my teacher
1,2,3 Teaching me
Reading stories,
Painting pictures,
Eating healthy,
Making Friends
ABC, See my teacher
1,2,3 Teaching me
Original song by Eileen L. Ziesler
Character creation by Steven Baye
Rock gently from side to side. Pantomime or use suggested signs.

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