Sunday, November 25, 2012

Books for Christmas

It is hard to ignore the commercials we hear on television at this time of year. Stores are pushing parents and grandparents to buy the latest and greatest new toys–as if one can buy the love of a child with the gift of a toy. With almost a month to plan, you can take the time to consider what you might give and why. Here is one suggestion:
I read a column by David Brooks. He spoke about school age children who were given 12 new books of their own choosing. The children who received the books had significantly higher reading scores than the other children. Children who grow up with books in their home stay in school longer and do better educationally. However Brooks cites an interesting observation from a philanthropist who gives books to disadvantaged kids. It is not the physical presence of the books that is responsible for the huge impact. It is the way the students see themselves as they build a home library. They see themselves as readers, members of a group—members of a group of readers.
Trying to decide on a gift that will have a lasting impact on your beloved child? Wondering what to give a two year old? –a three year old?—a four year old and beyond. Here are your top 3 gift choices.
Another Book
More Books

Here’s the children’s Christmas tree
Standing straight and tall
Here’s the pot to put it in
So it will not fall.
Here are two balls
Bright and gay
One ball, two balls see?
And two tall candles red
To trim our Christmas tree.

Pantomime motions using big arm motions for the tree and the pot, finger motions for two balls and two candles.