Thursday, November 12, 2009

Development from Age 3 to 4

If you take a look at the markers of development for the three to four year old on Dr. Ireton’s map, you will see our boy being able to accomplish a great number of tasks we consider pre-academic. In social skills, he gives directions to other children and plays cooperatively with minimal conflict. He is also protective toward younger children.

Hurrah! We no longer need to tote a diaper bag because he is potty trained. Other skills in self-help development include washing his face without help and dressing and undressing without help except for tying shoelaces.

His coordination is superb, a testimony to everything working together. The gross motor markers include riding around on a tricycle using the pedals and steering. I have watched many a three to four-year-old careen around corners on two wheels of a trike and not tip over. His balance is great. He can even balance well enough to hop on one foot.

The three to four year old is intrigued with scissors, drawing materials, and paper. He can cut across a piece of paper (often with his jaw chomping up and down in rhythm to his hand manipulating the scissors!) He is beginning to draw a recognizable object, such as a circle or a face in the circle.

He is also quite a conversationalist, having mastered the connecting words of conversation such as ‘and’, ‘or’, and ‘but’. Other markers in language development point to his academic prowess. He identifies four colors correctly, counts five or more objects when asked, “How many?” and he understands concepts of size, number, and shape.

With all these new skills, your three to four year old can really enjoy and learn from the experiences you give him.

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