Sunday, December 27, 2009

Topics for 2010

Thank-you for your kind comments this past year concerning our little column about the early years of parenting young children. I am always honored and humbled by hearing what you think and grateful for the ideas you offer. One would think we would run out of things to talk about after five years, but that is not the case. In today’s column I would like to preview the topics suggested by readers for 2010.

One area of concern that has surfaced is the dwindling amount of active playtime, especially outdoor play. Along the same lines is a suggestion to talk about the importance of sharing the natural world with our young children.

February is National Children’s Dental Health Month. I will share various things I have learned about caring for the teeth of young children. We will end February with a visit on Friday, February 26 by Dr. Stephen Reisner on WLDY’s talkline where you may ask Dr. Reisner your questions.

Another area of interest that has been brought to my attention is the topic of challenging behavior. I am asked at conferences to present on this topic, so I would like to share this information in the column. In the same vein, a very old but always enlightening piece of writing on this topic is the ‘Seven Principles of Discipline’. We will review those seven principles in 2010.

The discussion of sleep routines, sleep problems, and night terrors will provide us with interesting food for thought. Eating, eating problems, and mealtime routines are another topic readers have suggested. Breast-feeding and the host of questions surrounding the mother’s nutrition are important topics for 2010.

When I asked for ideas for the column, I received an email from my very first childhood friend. She wrote, "Ponies define who I am." Her email did not exactly suggest a topic but gave me the idea to write a column about pets and other animals in our world.

I have had the good fortune of meeting Dr. Harry Ireton, a developmental psychologist from the Minneapolis area. He responded to my request for topics with a document on "Parents’ Development." I will try my best to do justice to this well written and valuable resource in 2010.

Did I cover the topics you are most interested in? If not, please email ( or call (532-3209) with your suggestions for our next year of Bringing Up Baby. Thank-you and have a great New Year!

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