Monday, July 11, 2011

It's never too early to learn calculus!

It’s never too early to learn calculus!!! Many equations in calculus are solved using one to one relationships. Where does a child begin to learn about one to one correspondence? He or she learns this right in his family. About the time that a baby can safely hold and eat a cracker, the baby is learning this concept of calculus: one cookie for baby, one for mommy, and one for big brother.
I hope you enjoy making muffins or cupcakes! It is a great way to practice one to one correspondence. Your three year old can take a paper liner from you and put one liner in each place in the muffin pan. Expand your child’s thinking by challenging him or her to notice when there are not enough liners or when you have some left over.
• “How many juice boxes should we pack for our picnic? One for daddy, one for mommy, and one for Jeffy. Should we pack a juice box for Rover? No!! Rover doesn’t drink juice!”
• “Let’s set the table. Susie can help. One plate for mommy and one plate for daddy. What did you say?—you don’t have enough plates? Who else needs a plate? Oh, you do! One more plate for Susie.”
• “Here are the forks, one for daddy, one for mommy, and one for Susie. Now the spoons. Can Susie do it? What did you say? You have one left over? Do we need it? No, we only need three.”
• “Let’s put your shoes on. One shoe for this foot. Where’s the shoe for your other foot?”
One to one relationships are everywhere in a young child’s life. Give them the opportunity to practice, explore, and learn how these relationships work. It’s the first step on the ladder to learning calculus.

Dulce de chocolate, 
Dulce de chocolate;
Uno para ti y uno para mi.

Chocolate candy, 
Chocolate candy; 
One for you and one for me. 
Clap hands to the rhythm.
Continue using dos, tres, cuatro, and cinquo. Show one finger on "uno" and point to the child on "ti" and to yourself on "mi". For more fun use small chocolate candies, giving the correct amount for each verse.

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