Sunday, September 18, 2011


We began a discussion on the humanities last week, finding ways of encouraging very young children to become tuned into beauty in all art forms. Fall is a wonderful time to plant and nurture those seeds. I can recall taking walks with the preschoolers in my class on the trail at the highschool. Marian Kolsky and I wanted the children to smell the fallen leaves, to see the beauty in the patterns, to feel of the wind, and to be amazed by the view above of the clouds rolling by on a cool fall day.
Some of our little friends would collect pretty leaves, acorns, and notice ferns and moss during the walk. Others seemed to be more engaged with the challenge of racing ahead, being the first to get to the end of the walk. We could not, of course, really share the value of the journey over the destination. We could, however, be amazed at each little acorn or leaf a child would bring to us. We could model behaviors ourselves that would hopefully help children immerse themselves in what it is to be fully human.
You will have a great opportunity this weekend to enjoy the beautiful out of doors and to enjoy and be amazed by artists’ interpretations Take the bus, or drive to Christy Mountain. You can hike around, take the chair lift to the top, and come indoors to view and to purchase the beautiful artwork of my friends from the Rusk Area Arts Alliance (RAAA) and other artists. Ruth Meszaros and I will be there on Saturday, with explorations in art for all ages, in the Art Harvest, sponsored by RAAA. Create an artist trading card, decorate or paint a pumpkin gourd, and enjoy the beauty during Leaf it to Rusk—art activities for the young@art.

Pumpkin, pumpkin
Big and round
I’m glad you grow
Upon the ground
I’m glad you don’t
Grow in a tree
For then you might
Fall down on me!

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