Sunday, December 18, 2011

What is truly important

In these last few days before Christmas, let’s look at what is truly important in gift giving for young children. What do we want our young children to value? Let’s think for a moment about what they learn by watching us. If they see us buying gifts simply to assuage our guilt at not spending quality time, they learn that material things are most important; taking time to be with loved ones is not.
The richest people I know do not necessarily have a lot of money. They have the kind of wealth that comes from knowing that they are loved and have love to give. The only way this happens for young children is when we place the highest value on spending time with our children and our parents.
It is not the toy, quickly unwrapped and almost as quickly discarded that shows our children how much we love them. It is the time we spend playing with them, the guidance we give through consistent discipline, and the time we take to listen carefully to what our children have to say when they are speaking.
May you and your family have wonderful holiday times together this Christmas.


Where was Baby Jesus born?
He was born in Bethlehem.
Where did Baby Jesus Sleep?
In the manger near the sheep.
What did Baby Jesus wear?
He was wrapped in cloth with care.

Tune: Twinkle Little Star

It is nice to have sturdy figurines from a manger scene available for young children to handle.

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