Saturday, May 5, 2012

Congratulations Mary Joslin!

This weekend the Chamber of Commerce held it’s annual awards dinner. Many of my favorite people were there including Mary Joslin, one of the founding grandmothers of the Rusk County Children’s Council. Mary and her husband, Jim, were present because this year Mary was chosen as the recipient of the Children’s Council award, “Champion of the Young Child–2012”.
The Council began about 10 years ago or more with celebrations for the Week of the Young Child in April and the annual birthday party celebration in March, honoring the work of Dr. Seuss, beloved children’s author. Mary has been the glue that has held the council together. However, as Mary and Bonnie and Lenore and Jill and I grow older, there are new and wonderful people joining the council who also believe in celebrating childhood and the young children in our community. This new blood includes Lisa Bucher, Karlene Gordon, Heather Ishaam, and Lucy Taylor.
Each year the council chooses someone from the community to honor who has made a difference in the lives of young children. Honoring Mary has been a long time in the making but this year was Mary’s year. If you know our beloved Champion, please take a moment to congratulate her and to thank her for all she does on behalf of the littlest Rusk County residents.

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