Thursday, April 2, 2009


After so many months of cold weather, we are beginning to see the cycle of seasons making a full circle, back to the awakenings of life in our northwoods. Some trees have not weathered over winter. Their decaying wood will provide nourishment and protection for new seedlings. The trees that have wintered over will soon show new leaves, drawing upon the life that came before and then giving new life in the seeds that will be sown.

In our homes we have pictures that document the seasons and history of family. We have pictures of our great grandparents who are no longer here, our grandparents, our weddings, parents, children, and pictures to mark the birth and addition of each child. We share our pictures with extended members of family using the new technology of e-mail and cell phones.
Grandparents who live hundreds of miles from precious grandchildren connect on line using videocameras and computers to see real time pictures from far away.

This morning, when I checked my e-mail there was a link to more pictures. There were pictures of the beginning of a cycle of new life in a family: the birth of little Ina, the happiness of her parents Jason and Ahhyun, the joy of her grandparents and two aunties.

The birth of Ina begins a new season in the life of the Lee family. Ina will grow and thrive in the love of her family. She will gain strength from all the generations and the ancestors of the past. Happy Birth, little Ina.

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