Saturday, April 25, 2009

Smoke-Free Environments

For a few weeks we have been talking about the domino effect upon learning of early exposure to second hand smoke. This topic is depressing because the problem was preventable: we only have to shield our little children from environments in which adults are smoking. For some of us this is easy. No one in our immediate community of family and friends smoke. We are adamant about the restaurants we choose to patronize and when we see someone smoking we remove our children from the vicinity. A very few of us are vocal about this topic; non-smokers are a silent majority.

For some of us, shielding our little children from smoking environments is hard especially if a close friend or family member smokes. Sometimes our jobs, especially waitressing or bar tending, place us in smoking environments.

For the past few years, I have been on a simple campaign to support establishments that have gone smoke-free. Food tastes and smells better and the insurance rates for non-smoking establishments are less than for establishments where smoking is allowed. Workers in non-smoking environments have less sick days. Today I am happy to announce another smoke-free restaurant in Rusk County. On May 1st, Katie's Cafe in Bruce will be smoke-free. Thanks Katie! My little friends and I are thrilled. I hope the readers of this column will pay Katie a visit and thank her on behalf of all the children who come with their parents to her restaurant.

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