Friday, May 21, 2010

Principles of Discipline #4

We have covered the first three principles of good discipline: telling children what we want them to do rather than what we do not want them to do, protecting and preserving children's feelings that they are lovable and capable, and offering reasonable choice. Today we will discuss principle number four.

Change the environment instead of the child’s behavior.

Occasionally, adult/child conflicts arise because some part of the environment is inappropriate for young children, or because adults expect more control or mature behavior than children can achieve.

  • Three year old Tina spills her milk in the paper cup which is tall and very full.
  • 15 month old Tommy reaches to play with Ann’s braids during supper.
  • Four year old Sara moves around a lot on the adult size chair during supper.
  • Nine month old Joey is having trouble eating his tomato soup with a spoon.

Tina’s cup can have a sturdy bottom and sized to fit her hand. Fill her cup about half full until she has mastered this skill. Give her a plastic (BPA-free) cup instead of glass until you are confident of her ability. Save the sippy cup or other spill-free cup for travel just as we use our water bottles for trips in the car.

Mom or dad can sit between Tommy and Ann until Tommy is a little older.

Sara can continue to use a booster seat until she can comfortably sit at adult size tables. Use Sara’s little play table for snack time.

Joey can enjoy his tomato soup from a small mug that mom helps hold or another spill-free type of cup. Be sure the soup is cooled to a barely warm temperature before giving it to Joey.

Have you ever thought about your ancestors, how they lived their daily lives and what was important to them? Do you ever wonder what they imagined life would be like in our time? Many of us grew up with grandparents and could hear their words. A very few of us grew up with great-grandparents and if we did it is unlikely we were old enough to comprehend their stories.

You have a once in a lifetime opportunity to touch the lives of future generations in your family and in your community. Rusk County residents are asked to submit their personal stories for a time capsule of our community in celebration of 125 years. The capsule will be opened when we are no longer here to speak for ourselves in 2085. Your words and stories will be the treasures in this time capsule. For more information, you may call or email me or visit the Visitor’s Center for a page of details. You have wonderful stories to tell, but what you don’t have is time! The time capsule submissions are due June 18th!

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