Sunday, May 30, 2010

Principles of Discipline # 5

We are ready for principle number five in our series Principles of Good Discipline.

Work with children instead of against them.

When we refinish furniture we are told to rub with the grain. Perhaps we should also work ‘with the grain’ of the child, standing back and observing children and then figuring out with their help mutually acceptable ways for them to do what it is they are trying to do.

· Five year old Sam wants to help cook. He refuses to play with something else.

Try giving Sam the responsibility of cutting vegetables or stirring the cake or buttering the pan. He will not only be well occupied, but will be developing his strong IALAC by helping you with real work.

· Fourteen month old Carley is dumping out containers of anything she can get her hands on.

Find a few different kinds of containers to make the game interesting. Sit with Carley and sort objects into the different containers and be sure to dump them and enjoy her fun of dumping them out, over and over again.

· 10 month old Susie screams everyday when mom leaves.

Play peek-a-boo and Bug in a Rug every chance you get. Play a very simple hide and seek so that Susie can always find you. This crisis for Susie is called ‘separation anxiety’. It is typical in the development of most children. Playing little hiding games helps Susie grow through this stage and slowly she will understand that when you leave, you will come back.

· Three year old Tony can’t sit still for group activities.

Three year olds are all about active play. Provide very short small group activities such as doing one fingerplay. If Tony loves doing one, he will grow to loving to do more than one and in this way will become more able to stay focused on a group activity for longer periods of time.

I would like to remind all families in Rusk County that they have a once in a lifetime opportunity to touch the lives of future generations. Rusk County residents are asked to submit their personal stories for a time capsule of our community in celebration of 125 years. The capsule will be opened when we are no longer here to speak for ourselves in 2085. Your words and stories will be the treasures in this time capsule. For more information, you may call or email me or visit the Visitor’s Center for a page of details. You have wonderful stories to tell, but what you don’t have is time! The time capsule submissions are due June 18th!

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