Sunday, January 23, 2011

The Last of the Musings on Oscilloscopes

I have been writing about boy-thinking versus girl-thinking these first weeks of January. After writing last week’s column, I mused upon where the playing with oscilloscopes has taken the boys in our family. Remember, my brain, wired for girl-thinking, could not comprehend the need to ‘conquer’ the workings of an oscilloscope. My niece’s brain would not easily see the reason to smash and destroy the beautifully constructed Lincoln log buildings. My daughter-in-law’s insight into her own children’s thinking has given us all food for thought concerning how we raise our children and provide opportunities without condemning a style of thinking that may not fit our own.
Taken in a larger context, the differences in how political parties approach problems in our country, has a lot to do with how individuals in these parties think. Just as the cave men and women had gender roles that allowed their societies to raise children, keep families safe, find food for everyone, and care for the elderly and dying; our elected officials each take a stand to push agendas that are probably in keeping with how their brains are wired and what experiences they have had.
In the same way, it is difficult for me, a product of my heredity and background of northern Wisconsin to understand the cultures of Mexico, Africa, and the island countries (to name a few). It is as difficult for heterosexual couples to understand the needs of homosexuals.  In today’s world, challenges in understanding religious differences have brought about horrific crimes.
Back to the oscillocopes. I wonder what line of work my sons would be in today if they had not gone to the hamfest with their father and grew up with their grandfather who was forever figuring out how things work. What if the oscilloscopes and the Lincoln logs and erector sets were not allowed in the house because a mother’s girl-thinking dominated the family scene. Or what if a father’s boy-thinking could not understand his son’s or daughter’s need to play housekeeping and practice nurturing.
We will have a change of topics starting this Friday. On WLDY’s talk-line show at 8:30, I will have a guest, Dr. Nilesh Thakker. Dr. Thakker is a dentist with the Marshfield Dental Center in Ladysmith. He will be sharing helpful information about your young child’s oral health. I hope you join us and call in with your questions.


I went to the dentist, today.
I went to the dentist, today.
He checked my teeth and said,“Okay!”
“Keep up the brushing,
Keep up the flossing,
See you next year”
I said, “Hurray!”

Character creation by Steven Baye.

This is a good song for keeping a steady beat. Slap thighs and clap hands in a steady rhythm and
raise arms for okay and hurray.

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