Thursday, May 26, 2011

Principles of Discipline #6

We have discussed the first five Principles of Discipline:  (1) Tell children what they can do instead of what they can’t do. (2) Protect and preserve children’s feelings that they are lovable and capable. (3) Offer children choices only when you are willing to abide by their decisions. (4) Change the environment instead of the behavior, and (5) Work with children instead of against them.
Today we discuss principle number six: Give children safe limits they can understand. Recognize their feelings without accepting their actions. Maintain your authority calmly and consistently. We need to state rules very simply for young children and we need to follow through on requiring our little ones follow the rules. A good rule would be, “you may not use mommy’s scissors. Here are the scissors you can use. (give your preschooler safety scissors designed for little hands) If your child persists in trying to get to your scissors, you need to move them out of reach and reaffirm the rule about the scissors she can use.
Children need to trust that adults will take care of them by having rules such as this and by enforcing the rules.  If you waiver and allow your child to get away with using the wrong scissors, he will work even harder to bend the rules next time, perhaps for something more serious.


Pretty little dandelion
Yellow, yellow flower mine
When your head turns into seeds
Puffy white
Puff, puff, puff
Blow in the breeze!

Sign “yellow” , Blow instead of speaking  the words, “puff, puff, puff.”

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