Sunday, May 29, 2011

Principles of Discipline #7

The seventh and last principle of discipline is one that extremely simple to understand and at the same time is extremely difficult to implement. Set a good example. Speak and act only in the ways you want children to speak and act.
Discipline comes from the word disciple, which means to follow. Children become socialized in our culture by following our example. The importance of parents as models for children cannot be overstated.
This final principle of good discipline is at the heart of any discussion of how parents can achieve good discipline. This is all about relating to our children in ways we ourselves want to be treated by others including our own children. In the first 18 years, your child is busy being a child, a disciple of your behavior, watching you and storing patterns of your behavior to use when he or she becomes an adult. You are the parent, the role model, the source of your child’s learning. When you have an adult child and when you watch your child parenting your grandchild, you will have a window into your own previous behavior as a parent and you will see the kind of role model you were.
However, if you are very fortunate, you may have a very special moment before that time where you can glimpse into the future and see how well you are doing today.


Little earthworm in the ground
Quietly working, not a sound.
Little earthworm
What do you do?
I help the soil and plants for you.

Use index finger to move like an earthworm. 
Bring finger to lips to indicate quietly.  Sign “help” 

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