Sunday, February 12, 2012

More information on Children's Teeth

We have been talking about children's teeth this month because February is children's dental month. Today I will share with you some interesting facts about cavities (dental caries) in teeth of young children.
•Childhood caries (cavities before the age of 6) is the single most chronic disease of childhood.
•Childhood caries are five to eight times more common than asthma.
•50% of children have a cavity by 1st grade.
Parents of children who have cavities in their baby teeth say, “Why should we be concerned about this? They will be losing their baby teeth.” Here are the reasons why we must be concerned and proactive with baby’s oral health:
•Cavities cause pain and infection and can cause failure to thrive.
•Early childhood caries dramatically increases the risk of cavities in permanent teeth because the bacteria that causes cavities is present.
•If cavities go untreated, children will develop poor eating habits, speech problems, and social problems.
I would like to share another fun activity on the Internet.  It is the story of a child's first visit to the dentist.   You can find this at
Please put March 3rd and April 24th on your calendar. March 3rd is our annual celebration for an esteemed author, Dr. Seuss. The famous Cat in the Hat will be at the party on his behalf. The party will be on Saturday, March 3th,  at 10:30 at the library in the lower level rooms. Mark your calendars for a fun, free, family event! Tuesday, April 24th will be a sing-a-long event with our very own preschool teachers and daycare providers. It is another fun, free, family activity to do with your children or grandchildren.


Oh Mr. Cloud, Cloud, Mr. Fluffy Cloud
Please snow down on me
Oh Mr. Cloud, Cloud, Mr. Fluffy Cloud
Snow is what I want to see
These little children are asking you
To send some snow, Oh Please won’t you?
Oh Mr. Cloud, Cloud, Mr. Fluffy Cloud
Please snow down on
Please snow down on
Please snow down on me!

(tune:  Oh Mr. Sun)

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