Sunday, February 26, 2012

Dr. Seuss Birthday Party!

I hope you have the Saturday morning, children’s event at the library on your calendar. If you haven’t heard yet, the Children’s Council of Rusk County is putting on their annual tribute to Dr. Seuss with a big birthday bash. 
The invitation is for children. Children, please bring your favorite grown up to the party! It will be held from 10:30 – 12:00 in the lower level rooms at the library. Many of your favorite grown-ups will be there with lots of fun activities for the children to do. Karlene Gordon, from the Ladysmith Elementary School will be on hand and her boys will help the little ones with the fishing game. Lucy Taylor, from the Flambeau School, will be the hatter, helping children create the iconic cat in the hat hat. Mary Joslin will have stickers for sticker pictures and markers to draw. Cindy Gillette, puzzle lady extraordinaire, will be playing in the blue sand. Melissa Kienast will be at the small manipulatives table and Lisa Bucher will help with play-dough. Heather Isham from Head Start will be drawing on the floor on large poster paper.
This year is an exciting year for me at the Dr. Seuss party. The Little Sprout original artwork by Janelle Thompson will be in the gallery in the upper level of the library, and I will be taking small tour groups upstairs to see the art and the book, Little Sprout. While I am doing that, Janelle will have book-making materials for children to create their own book. The Friends of the Library will have free books for children.
No birthday party is complete without a cake and our resident cat, Bonnie Gunderson, brings a lovely birthday cake from Nancy’s cake place. Lenore Krajewski also helps us with the snack by providing milk to go with the cake.
We have many other–behind the scenes–supporters and volunteers including Karen Wiltrout, Jill Berg, Megan Dieckman, Sharon Sanderson, Michelle Wurzer, and Diana Verdegan. Children, please remind your favorite grown-up about Saturday’s party! We all hope to see and visit with you during this wonderful, free event.

Come to the party!
The Seuss Birthday Party!
Come to the Library
The library in March.
If you come, we’ll have fun
We’ll have fun, that is funny.
And maybe you’ll see
A new book that you’ll like.
A book that was old
For someone who’s bigger.
But it’s right, yes just right,
For you! So it’s New!
“YES! This is good!” said Thing One to Thing Two.

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