Sunday, March 4, 2012

Birthday Party Success

Thank you to all the moms and dads and siblings who came to the Dr. Seuss birthday party and made it such a success. The Rusk County Children’s Council (quite an important sounding name for a group of people who simply love young children!) all pulled together and with each person doing a small part we were able to host a big birthday party!
At the party, Karlene Gordon announced this year’s choice for Champion of the Young Child. As with many organizations, there is a key person who believes in the importance of persevering over a period of many years and who goes without recognition. Mary Joslin has been that person for over ten years, pulling the council together once a year to plan the party in conjunction with Read Across America in March and to plan the music event during the Week of the Young Child in April. All of us in the Children’s Council and beyond wish to shout out our appreciation for her leadership.
Mary was presented with the award amidst a large group of young children and their parents–the group she holds dear to her heart. She will be more formally presented with the award during the Chamber of Commerce Community Awards night in April.
In closing, I would like to share one of my favorite winter season poems for young children. It is part of the large collection of songs and fingerplays for young children that I call Twinkletime. If you have computer and printer, you can obtain and print all of the Twinkletime rhymes that appear in this column by using a link in the website. If you would rather not print and laminate individual fingerplay cards, you can purchase them at the Mount Senario Fine Arts Center and once Toad House is open, you will be able to find them there. Dr. Seuss would approve. Using songs and fingerplays provides a wonderful start to literacy for young children.

Snow on my forehead
Snow on my knee
Snow on my glasses
It’s getting hard to see.

Snow on my boots
Snow on my hair
Snow on my mittens
Snow everywhere!

speak poem and gesture as if exasperated

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